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ADAX Clea WiFi Glass Portable Electric Heater, Thermostat, Timer

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ADAX Clea WiFi Glass Portable Electric Heater, Thermostat, Timer

  • Adax Clea WiFi Electric Panel Heater
  • Quality Norwegian design
  • Type: Convector Heater
  • Style: Modern, contemporary, glass front
  • Features: Wifi, Timer, Digital Thermostat, Digital Display, Anti-Tamper Lock, Adaptive Start, Open Window Recognition, Zonal Control, Splash Proof (IPX4 Rated – Suitable for bathroom zone 2), Lot 20 Compliant
  • Power Outputs: 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W
  • Colours: White, Black
  • Supplied with portable leg brackets. Wall mounting kit also included
  • 5 year guarantee


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ADAX Clea. Norwegian Design since 1948.

The Adax Clea WiFi glass portable electric heater combines state of the art heating technology with minimalist Norwegian design. The result is one of the most stylish heaters available. The standard Clea is 340mm height with a slimline, unobtrusive depth. Available in a white or black glass finish, it is perfect for a wide range of interiors.

Adax are specialists in high quality, energy-efficient electric heating. All Adax portable convector heaters are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards.

The Adax Clea WiFi differs from other electric radiators with its glass front panel. Providing a modern aesthetic that looks great in contemporary and traditional decors. With a splash proof IPX4 rating, the Clea can also be used in bathrooms (fused spur power connection required). There is a choice of 600w, 800w, 1000w & 1200w power outputs, and a single unit can heat small – medium room sizes. Additional heaters can be added for larger spaces according to requirements.

Included in the design are energy-saving features which make the heater fully ERP Lot 20 compliant. These features include WiFi control, voice control (Google Home & Alexa), 24 hour 7 day timer, digital thermostat, open window detection and adaptive start.Β  Consequently the Clea is more economic and efficient to run (up to 20% less than a basic electric heater). The safety features include an anti-tamper lock and overheat protection.

With WiFi connectivity, you control your heating from anywhere in the world using the ADAX WiFi App. The App is free for smart phones and tablets. Gone are the days of leaving heating on, or come home to a cold home again! The heater connects directly with the WiFi router. You don’t need to buy any expensive hubs or gateways, everything is built in.

The Clea WiFi is easy to set up. A UK plug is fitted to the power cable, which is 1.2m in length and comes out of the rear right hand side of the heater.Β  You simply attach the leg brackets, then plug-in the electric heater to the nearest socket and go.

The Adax Clea WiFi is an award-winning electric radiator due to its exceptional design, high build-quality and reliability. It is backed by a market-leading 5 year warranty which covers the panel work and electronics. For comparison, most portable electric heaters will only come with a 1 or 2 year warranty on the electronics.

Smart WiFi

The Clea connects directly to your router’s WiFi. By using your phone / tablet to pair the heater and WiFi together, no additional parts are needed. Simply plug the heater in and pair directly with your WiFi. Then you are ready to control your heater from anywhere. Never leave the heating on, or come home to a cold house again.

Discrete Styling

The slim, flat design helps to reduce the depth of the heater. With minimalist styling, the Clea is suited to both modern and classic interiors.

Time and Temperature Control

The Clea features a 24 hour / 7 day timer with as many on/off times and temperatures as you desire. The additional “away mode”Β  temporarily suspends the heater’s programme and set a temperature for a period of your choosing. This is ideal if your home is going to be empty for a week

Anti-Tamper LockΒ 

Using the App, you can completely lock the heater so that it can’t be tampered with. This is ideal if there the heater is situated in public spaces or around children.

Zonal Control

If you have multiple heaters in a room, they can be grouped and controlled together. For example, ‘living room’ or ‘conservatory’ zones can be set up. Through zonal control you can group the heating in different areas of your home in a quick and intuitive way.

Lot 20 compliant

This heater is fully complaint with 2018 ERP Lot 20 regulations, utilising energy-saving features such as adaptive start and open window detection. This is ideal for landlords looking to reduce their house’s UPC rating or anyone looking for a energy-efficient heater.

Norwegian Design. Global Control.

You can use the app over WiFi or mobile internet, so no matter where you are your heating is accessible. The App’s features and modes allow you to tailor the heating around your needs.

With the App, you can turn on the heater’s energy saving modes and reduce wasted electricity. These include: ‘Open window’ mode which will temporarily switch the heater off if temperature rapidly decreases. And ‘Adaptive start’, which is an intelligent-learning programme, calculating the optimum time to start warming the room up. The Adax WiFi App also integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so you can control the heating with your voice and integrate with other smart appliances.

The Adax Clea’s thermostat can also be operated manually via the control panel. If the WiFi goes offline, you won’t be left in the cold.

The App’s Zone feature lets you control each room independently. Letting you select which rooms are warm throughout the day. Preventing you from needlessly wasting money heating the whole house!

  • Control all your heaters in multiple locations, from anywhere
  • Several pre programmed heating schedules and the option to programme custom heating schedules
  • Pre-defined modes Home (comfort), Sleep (reduced) and Away (anti-frost ). The temperature for these modes can be altered to your preference.
  • Quick and easy adjustments can be made in case you from your routine
  • Control your heaters independently or by in a group. So that you can have a room by room program
  • Open window detection, adaptive start, thermostat control. (all can be turned on/off in the App)
  • The Adax App is a free download, available in Apple & Android stores

Modern technology and efficiency.

The Clea’s sleek design creates a clean aesthetic from all angles. The controls are user friendly, allowing you to easily change the temperature with a push of a button.

To keep your room temperature comfortable, the Clea uses a digital thermostat. This will precisely monitor the room and actively respond to changes in temperature, switching the heater on and off when its needed. This saves electricity and reduces running costs.

Adax’s X-fin heating element uses natural convection to heat the room. The heater has no moving parts and is silent when heating. The aluminium element in the base of the unit warms air, which flows into the bottom and out of the top vent, circulating evenly by convection throughout the room. There is no fan, so dust and particles are not blown around the room. By maintaining the air quality it is well suited for people with allergies.

The heater has an IPX4 splash proof rating, which means it is safe for use in bathrooms and wet rooms with a fused spur connection (please contact us for further advice about the suitable bathroom zones for this heater)

Smart, Sleek, Simple Heating

Adax is a long-established manufacturer of heaters, founded in 1948. Their products are still made in Europe and adhere to the highest quality standards. This has made Adax a favourite of building developers and contractors, with large quantities being installed in properties and developments across the UK and Europe.

Most heaters on the market offer a seemingly long guarantee but only cover the electronics for 2 years. However, Adax offer an intrinsic 5 year guarantee covering body work and electronics as well as meeting all necessary EU and UK approvals for safety.

The heater is supplied with a UK plug fitted, portable leg brackets and a wall mounting kit (including the wall bracket). Also supplied in the box is a mounting template and instructions. The heater is easy to install if you have basic DIY skills.

If you wish to hard wire the heater, the plug can be cut without affecting the guarantee.

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact one of our team!

Product Specifications

ModelPower, WDimensions, mmHeated Space, m2Weight, kg
CLEAH06KWT600340 x 676 x 885.56.5
CLEAH08KWT800340 x 790 x 88107
CLEAH10KWT1000340 x 850 x 8812.58.5
CLEAH12KWT1200340 x 1024 x 881510


Adax Wifi App – Important Tips (Please Read Before Installation)

Please Note: Broadband routers commonly offer two Wifi frequencies,Β  2.4GHz and 5GHz.Β  We advise that you turn off the 5Ghz setting on the router’s setup page before you attempt the Wifi connection.Β  This is to reduce interference.Β  Use 2.4Ghz instead.Β  When the connection is complete, you can turn the 5 Ghz mode back on again.

Please ensure that there is a good Wifi signal in the place where the heater is to be installed.Β  You can check Wifi signal strength by holding your mobile phone in the area where you want to install the heater to check the signal to your broadband router.Β  Please bear in mind that panel heater may not have quite as strong a signal as a mobile phone due to the steel casing.
If signal strength is not strong it may be necessary to purchase aΒ Wifi signal boosterΒ to ensure that the heater connects to the router properly.Β  This is the best solution if you are having difficulty.
It is not recommend to install a WiFi heater in a location where the signal strength to the router is poor.
When you setup the App, please ensure that you enter the full name of your router in the SSID field (case sensitive).Β  Sometimes it may default to ‘my wifi’ as the router name.Β  Please ensure that you change this to the correct name of your router as your mobile phone would see it.


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