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Radialight Designer Electric Heaters

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We thoroughtly recommend Radialight heaters. They are the best electric wall heaters on the market today. They produce the most comforting feeling thanks to the unique design, which provides a proximity heating to people close by. The front panel is entirely warm and projects infrared radiant heat, much like the sun. It distributes the temperature quickly and evenly throughout the room by combining convection and infrared heating – you get the best of both worlds and your sense of warmth and comfort is greatly enhanced. Radialight also has the best technology, leading the market for electric heaters. The electronics are superbly designed, with a host of intelligent features that manage and control the climate of the room to perfection. Key to the fantastic design of these Radialight products are the high safety standards that the Italian manufacturers have employed to bring you a dependable, reliant panel heater, which is built to the strictest standards.

Richmond Radiators sell 3 Radialight models. The Klima is an electric panel heater, suitable for home or office. It has energy saving functions, a thermostat and timer. The Klima is wall mounted and suitable for all rooms including the bathrom. The Deva and Windy are Electric Bathroom Fan Heaters. They also have energy-saving functions, a timer and thermostat. These heaters quickly warm up a bathroom for your cosiness and comfort.

We highly recommend the Radialight brand. It is a market-leading, ground breaking heater which far surpasses the quality of its rivals. They are the perfect choice for offices, new builds and home renovations and are supported with a lengthy 5 year guarantee. If you are looking for comfort, cosiness and warmth – choose Radialight.