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We have a selection of some of the best looking electric radiators on the Market. With ranges such as ADAX NEO and CLEA as well as the Radialight, there’s plenty of choice. So you can pick the best heater for your room.   

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Welcome to the Richmond Radiators website.  We specialise in electric and central heating systems. Offering an extensive range of stylish, high quality and competitive priced  products. All of which is available delivery direct to your door.

We supply the public and trade. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!  

Electric Heaters

Our Electric Panel Heaters are brought to you from quality manufacturers AdaxTesy, Radialight, Sol*Aire & Gnosjo.  Many come with the latest energy-saving features and are Lot 20 Compliant, reducing running costs by up to 20% – making them economic and efficient to run.  Our Wifi electric heaters include Adax’s Neo Wifi and Clea Wifi. Tesy offers the CN04 Wifi and Radialight the Klima WIFI.  Furthermore, the new Sol*Aire Caldo and Vitra models offer Alexa, Siri and Google Home voice support. A 5-year guarantee is standard on most models.

Our electric panel heaters warm a room using the convection process, where air is drawn into the bottom vent, is heated by an electric element and then rises through the top vent, circulating throughout the room – rapidly and silently. They are wall mounted or portable, offering flexibility and easy installation.

Our oil-filled electric radiators are filled with a thermodynamic oil-based gel, which retains heat after the thermostat switches off, saving on electricity costs.

The Gnosjo, Vitra and Caldo electric heaters are supplied with leg brackets and a wall mounting kit.  The Adax Neo, Adax Neo Wifi, Adax Clea Wifi can be converted for portable use with the leg brackets available in the Accessories section.

Need a conservatory heater?  We offer low profile electric heaters, which have a reduced height, suitable for conservatory walls and other confined spaces.

On special offer is the Adax VV range of Portable Electric Fan Heaters, which are stylish and compact, with removable dust filters and a safety cutout.  These stunning little fan heaters are ideal for tabletop or floor use.  With up to 50% discount on RRP (available to buy from £19.99), they are the best value-for-money portable electric fan heaters on the market.

Heated Towel Rails

Our Designer Radiators for Central Heating are excellent quality, with a range of tube profiles, including flat panel, round tube and square tube.  They can be connected to central heating, electric or both (dual fuel).  Finishes include chrome, stainless steel, lava grey, beach and white.  Our R3 models come with a built-in timer and thermostatic control.  With a complete range of sizes, from small to large, we are sure you will find the perfect designer radiator for your home heating requirements.

Air Coolers

New in stock is the brilliant Radialight Omni Portable Air Cooler with Fan Heater. Perfect for the summer, this quality evaporative air cooler offers the latest energy saving features. Relax in comfort, as it cools you down in the day and takes the edge off a cold night.  Satisfaction is guaranteed with this quality Italian design, combining heating and cooling in one stylish box.  

Heating Specialist – Trade & Public

We specialise in home and office heating systems, traditional and modern, focusing on your requirements so that we can match you with the perfect product or system for your decor and fuel options.

Everything we offer is sourced directly from the manufacturer and carefully tested to ensure long-life and peace of mind.

Talk to us about your requirements today. We supply to both public and the trade.