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Infrared and Radiant Electric Heaters

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Buy Infrared Electric Heaters from the Richmond Radiators UK shop.ย  See our selection of the best quality wall or ceiling mounted infrared heaters on our website.

Welltherm IR Heaters

The Welltherm range are made in Germany and are of exceptional quality, economic and efficient to run.ย  Using ESCH technology, over 70% of the surface has heating conductors, making it them one of, if not the most powerful infrared heaters on the market today.ย  Welltherm infrared heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted, and are splash proof (IPX4-rated for up to zone 2) and suitable for any room including bathrooms.ย  There are 4 models in the Welltherm range, which include a basic metal infrared heater, glass, mirror finish and bathroom heater with towel bars.ย  The Welltherm range come with a wireless timer and room thermostat for complete control of the heating.

The Welltherm PB metal ir heater is available in 710W and 910W power outputs, heating up to 18m3 in a white finish.ย  This is the most affordable infrared heater in the range.ย  Next up is the Welltherm SP mirror ir heater, which is ideal for bathroom, bedroom, living room & hallway areas. It is available in 580W, 780W and 930W power outputs, heating room sizes up to 19m3 with a glass mirror (reflective) finish. For a dedicated bathroom ir heater, you may wish to consider the BP model, which has built-in towel bars for rapid warming of towels.ย  Available in 660W or 850W power outputs, heating up to 17m3 with a white finish. The deluxe model in the range is the WG1250 white glass infrared heater. With the highest power output of 1250W it can heat larger rooms up to 25m3. All glass models are made from toughened safety glass (5mm ESG-H).

These energy-efficient infrared heaters are amongst the very best you can buy today.ย  All models are splash proof and come with a 24 hour 7 day wireless timer and thermostat.ย  For the cheapest infrared electric heater to run, with a long 5 year guarantee, look to Welltherm for peace of mind.

Radialight Infrared Convector Heaters

The latest Klima infrared heaters from Radlialight combine convection and infrared heating using their patented ‘dual therm’ technology.ย ย  These superb quality Italian wall-mounted panel heaters are packed with the latest energy saving and monitoring features and are amongst the best panel heaters on the market today. With a sleek, stylish design, they are pleasing on the eye and complement modern interiors.

With a 24 hour / 7 day timer and thermostat built in, they are easy to use and simple to install.ย  If you want to control your heating by smartphone, a Wifi version of the Radialight Klima is also available.ย ย  All Klima panel heaters are splash proof (IP24-rated) – suitable for all rooms including bathrooms up to zone 2.ย  The Radialight Klima is available in white or anthracite finish (anthracite for WiFi model only)..ย  Power outputs: 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W.ย  Suitable for small, medium and large room sizes, depending on the model. A 750W bathroom model with a towel bar fitted is also available to buy.

Buy ceiling or wall-mounted ir heaters online from Richmond Radiators, a quality UK retailer of electric heaters and towel rails.