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Radialight Klima WiFi, Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Convector Heater / Radiator

£343.00£471.00 inc. VAT

  • Radialight Klima WiFi Electric Panel Heater
  • Quality Italian design
  • Type: Convector / Infrared Heater
  • Style: Modern, contemporary
  • Features: Wifi, Timer, Precision Thermostat, Digital Display, Anti-Tamper Lock, Adaptive Start, Open Window Recognition, Presence Detection, Zonal Control, Energy Monitoring, Splash Proof (IPX4 Rated – Suitable for bathroom zone 2), Lot 20 Compliant
  • Power Outputs: 750W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W
  • Colours: White, Anthracite
  • Wall Mounted (fixing kit supplied).
  • 2 year guarantee

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Radialight Klima WiFi, Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Convector Heater / Radiator


Energy efficient, stylish heating.

Radialight’s smart electric radiators have in built WIFI connectivity. This means you can control the heater using a phone or tablet by using the Radialight App.

The Klima epitomises Italian design and state-of-the-art heating technology. With clean cut, slimline styling and intelligent room controls, this heater is great in any environment! If you’re unsure Unsure on how this product will look Check out our virtual showroom !

IP24 splash proof protection makes the heater perfect for every room, including bathrooms. While the silent heating means the heater is nearly unnoticeable.

Equipped with the latest technology in the heating industry, the Klima is designed provided efficient heating and maximum comfort. The Klima will keep you in control and your home warm and cosy.


Smart Control From Anywhere.

Radialight’s tailor-made App makes controlling your heating simple. The heater’s smart control lets you control the heater over the internet with the App. You’ll have access to all of the heater’s functions, you’re in complete control from anywhere in the world.

Within the App, you can group heaters together. If there’s several heaters in a room they can be controlled as one.  Also, each area of the house can be controlled independently. Rather than heating the every room, you only heat the rooms you need to.

WiFi is built into the heater, you don’t need to purchase any additional parts. The heater connects to your WiFi router. Once connected the heater can be controlled from Radialight App.

The top of the heater hosts a digital display and control panel. Using this, the heater can be controlled without WiFi. All the heater’s functions are accessible offline. You wont be left in the cold if the WiFi goes offline.

Maximum Comfort

The Klima provides an unrivalled level of comfort by using 2 heating methods. Radiant heat is used to create an infrared effect you can feel radiating from panel. Creating a warming effect, similar to standing next to a fire.

As radiant heating is reliant on surface area, it becomes difficult to provide a suitable amount of heat without making the heaters very large.  To remedy this, the Klima also uses convection to circulate the air around the room. Ensuring the whole room is heated. This is ideal for rapidly warming the room, quickly adapting to changes in temperature.

With the combination of convection and infrared heating technologies, the heater delivers rapid warm up times and long-lasting, energy-efficient consumption.


Intelligent Control

The 24 hour, 7 day timer lets you to programme the heater around your lifestyle.  Its easy to select the periods when the heater will be on, so your not wating energy by keeping the room warm when its not needed. Also with other energy-saving features, including open window detection, power management and presence detection the heater goes the extra mile for energy efficiency.

Intelligent Power Management system optimises the heater’s energy consumption and power output. As the room approaches the set temperature, it reduces how much energy is being used. Helping maintain a constantly comfortable room temperature, while eliminating energy waste by preventing the room from overheating.

The Presence Detection system recognises when the room is unoccupied and will lower the thermostat’s temperature. Which useful if you accidentally leave the heating on when you leave the house.

The “Behavioural Indicator” and “Power check Function” let you take monitor the heater’s energy consumption. Letting you keep an eye on how much energy is being used.


Lasting Quality.

The Radialight Klima is a market-leading panel heater built from the highest quality materials – ensuring that your living environment remains safe and comfortable.  For absolute peace of mind, it complies with all necessary EU and UK approvals.

The Klima is backed by a comprehensive 2 year guarantee, covering the body work and electrical components. You can be rest assured that this electric panel heater is built to last.

The heater’s lightweight body and bracket system makes it extremely easy to install. Supplied with a wall mounting kit and wall bracket. There is no plug fitted to the heater, therefore it requires hard wiring into a fused outlet. However, if you’d rather plug into a socket, a plug can be fitted without voiding the warranty.

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact one of our team!


Weekly Programmer

24 hour / 7 day thermostat and timer

Presence Detection

The heater will detect when the room has been left empty. Then it will begin to lower the set temperature – so you never worry about leaving the heating on unnecessarily.


Open Window Recognition

When this function is enabled, the Klima will detect an window or door is open, and stops heating – reducing energy waste which would otherwise heat the great outdoors!


Energy Monitoring

With the power check function you can monitor the heater’s energy consumption. With a press of a button you can see how much energy has been used over the last day or week.

Behavioural indicator

The behavioural indicator acts as a reminder of how efficient the heater has been used. The heater will provide a rating, which is based on the set temperature.

Keypad lock function

You can lock the heaters controls to prevent unwanted users from adjusting the settings. This is ideal if the heater is in a public environment or near children.

Product Specifications

ModelPower, WDimensions, mmHeated Space, m2Weight, kg
KLIMA70750675 x 504 x 9096.8
KLIMA101000790 x 504 x 9012.507.7
KLIMA1515001010 x 504 x 9018.59.5
KLIMA2020001310 x 504 x 902511.6
Heated space is based on a modern UK room with a good level of insulation.


Additional information


Mild Steel

Towel Rail Shape
Splash Proof Rating

Mirror Features
Towel Rail Connection
Towel Rail Features




Power Output

, , ,

Electric Heater Features

, , , , , , , , , ,

Mounting Type

Wall Mounted

Electric Heater Type

Convection, Infrared


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